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   Founded in 2001Hainan Xinrunhai Industry Co. Ltd. (Xinrunhai) is mature enough to be an expert in hardware, wooden and bamboo products. Xinrunhai has two factories in China

Xinrunhai’s wooden & bamboo factory is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong. It specializes in eco-friendly wooden and bamboo products such as kitchenwares, bathroom accessories, furniture, home decor etc.  We have one obviously vital advantage in stable labor relationship and technology. Among 90 employees, 20 of them are managerial and technical staff with rich experience over 15 years. On the base of experience and reformation, our technological level ascends year by year and wooden and bomboo products are more popular around the world.

Xinrunhai’s hardware factory is in Yangdong City, Guangdong. It professionally produces BBQ setskitchen knives, cheese knives and ceramic knives etc.  Our staff are knowledgeable in management, quality control and inspection. With the advancement of industry, our hardware products become diversified in color, shape and externals.

         As a manufacturer and wholesaler, Xinrunhai exerts all energies to meet customers’ requirements on quality, price, design and delivery time. Furthermore, Xinrunhai’s independent development and design capabilities, superb craftsmanship, high quality raw materials, and considerate after-sale service offer customers competitive outsourcing advantages.

       From the beginning, Xinrunhai has set up strict quality management system and unified work procedures. On the base of these principles, we develop stably and become stronger and stronger. We are aimed at the unique, innovative, well-designed products and conveying excellent value to the customer. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate; committing to better life is our eternal pursue.